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A lot information of the orchid, which point? if you want to know more please contact me directly at winn.majikorchid@gmail.com

Plant Size 
Flask Flask Seedling in 750 cc bottle.Approximately 40-45 plants
Community pot CP Take out of flask,nursery in the tray,and grow the plants under the environment.  
Seedling Size =Size 1 Sdlg  The plants are approximately 6 - 10 months after take out of flasks. Seedling in 1.5" stem size, leaves spread 4"-6".  
Size 2 Size 2 The plants are approximately 10 - 18  months after take out of flasks. Seedling in 2"-3" stem size, leaves spread 6"-9".
Near Blooming Size = Size 3 NBS

The plant in half blooming.The plants are approximately 1.5 - 2 years after take out of flasks.Seedling in 3"-4" stem size, leaves spread 5"-7".


Blooming Size= Size 4


Near flowering very soon.Plants are 2 - 3 years after take out of flasks.The some plants already producing flowers.

Approximately high 20 cms (+/- 2 cms)

Flowering Size = Size 5 FS The plants already to flower or in spike.
Large Size LS

The big plants,while are flowering. Big & strength flowers.

Approximately high 25 cms

Compact Size CS

The small plants,while are flowering. Approximately seedling in 4" stem size, leaves spread 5"-7".

Save delivery cost 20% - 50%.

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Majik Orchid
194/18  Soi 10, Ladprao Road, Chomphon, Chattujak, Bangkok, Thailand 10900
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