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A lot information of the orchid, which point? if you want to know more please contact me directly at winn.majikorchid@gmail.com


Packaging Information


Plants will be shipped by air freight,packed in cardboard box dimension is 99x49x37 cms,  A box can pack one lot of these orchids plants:

200 Seedling Size of Vanda,Ascocenda with 1" pot.

50 Blooming Size of Vanda,Ascocenda with 4" basket.

45 Spike of Vanda,Ascocenda with 4" basket.

30 Full flower blooming of flower spike of any orchids.


2 kinds of box

1.  Big box dimension 50x100x50 cms put 100 bags

10 stem/bag,approximate gross weight 40  - 45 kgs, volume weight 42 kgs, total 1000 stems/box

2.  5 smalls boxes in one big box

2.1  Small box demension is 36x69x9 cms put 60 stems

2.2  Big box demension is 38x70x48 cms put 5 smalls boxes. Gross weight is 15 kgs,volume weight 22 kgs.

total 300 stems/box



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Majik Orchid
194/18  Soi 10, Ladprao Road, Chomphon, Chattujak, Bangkok, Thailand 10900
Email: winn.majikorchid@gmail.com