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Orchids plant are shipped to standard size box of 99x49x37 cms in dimension.  Our experienced packers are able to delivery product to our clients with the least damage possible and only perfect condition of products we delivered.

Orchid cut flower are shipped to 2 standard size box dimension is 50x100x50 cms for China, India, Iran, Myanmar and etc.
Dimension 38x70x48 cms is master box, dimension 36x69x9 cms is inner box, 5 boxes put in master for Europe, USA. 

Another dimension we can develop the box follow your want.

We are waiting your contact,please email to winn.majikorchid@gmail.com

Product -->>Vascostylis(7)
Image Description Specific Color Size Price (USd)
Vascostylis Supatra Delight 2.5" White with pink round,pink lip White BS $0,00
Image Description Specific Color Size Price (USd)
Vascostylis Roll on Red 1 1/2" dark red, waxy, free flowering Dark Red BS, 7 - 8" $0,00
Image Description Specific Color Size Price (USd)
Vascostylis Pine Rivers 'Pink'SOLD OUT 1 3/4" pure pink, free flowering Deep Pink BS, 6 - 7 " $0,00
Vascostylis Veerawan 1" Soft Pink, Free Flowering, Fragrance Soft Pink BS, 4" $0,00
Image Description Specific Color Size Price (USd)
Vascostylis Prapawan (Blue Moon)Sold Out 2" Light Blue, Free Flowering, Long Stem Light Blue BS, $0,00
Vascostylis Thai Sky (Prasong) AM/AOSSOLD OUT 2" pure blue-burple,free flowering Blue BS, 6 - 7 " $0,00
Vascostylis Vinita Blue 1.5" Blue bright,very long stem,very free flowering Light Blue BS $0,00
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Majik Orchid
194/18  Soi 10, Ladprao Road, Chomphon, Chattujak, Bangkok, Thailand 10900
Email: winn.majikorchid@gmail.com