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We are looking for partners who want to grow orchids or do orchid businesses around the world. Our main focus is on Vandas, Ascocendas, and Rhynchostylis. If you are interested , please contact sales.majikorchid@gmail.com

To all orchid lovers, with expertise in breeding which succeeding from generation to generation that is a long experience plus imaginative and creative passion in this art, therefore, it frequently produces many new  varieties that breed in the farm of which flowers are very gorgeous and amazing beautiful.

This website is gathering orchids which we have selected and collected and also have developed them for years. The orchids are, at the moment, astonishingly awesome.

We, Majik Orchid, proudly present this beauties and miracles of natures of the orchids within the website in your heart...

We hope you enjoy these gorgeous flowers.

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Majik Orchid
194/18  Soi 10, Ladprao Road, Chomphon, Chattujak, Bangkok, Thailand 10900
Email: sales.majikorchid@gmail.com